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Wealth Management vs Asset Management

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is one of the fasting growing area of the investment management industry. It is an integrated wealth management approach that combines money management with other financial services to better address the needs of clients. Our wealth management is a more comprehensive and consultative process whereby the advisor gleans information about the client’s wants and tailors a customized strategy utilizing appropriate financial products and services. In our case this focuses mostly on investments that are not based on real estate sector and which provide a solid way to diversify away from real estate holdings and protect the long-term household net worth.

A wealth management firm is a firm which uses advisors with a broader variety the traditional financial advisors or who will employ the expertise of partner specialists. Through our partnership we can now offer retirement/financial planning, investment management, will and estate planning and insurance solutions in addition to mortgages and real estate investment management. 

Building Wealth Outside Real Estate

Diversification for Stronger Foundations

Wealth management is more than just money management advice and our partnership integrates all the key components of the traditional financial planning. In the last twenty years we have seen unprecedented real estate appreciation fueled by low interest rates. We have always known that building wealth requires a diversified offering beyond real estate and that successful investors never put all their eggs in one basket, but yet most real estate investors have not rebalanced their portfolio. During early 2020 we observed a heavy sell off within the world stock markets that has created enormous opportunities for wealth creation through prudent asset management and strategic stock selection.  We know that through working co-operatively with a team of experts we can deliver superior solutions and together we form a diversified group of national thought leaders who collectively provide a breadth and depth of market expertise that is unparalleled in Canada.   

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