Mortgages for Doctors and Physicians

Tired of dealing with personal bankers or junior mortgage people who have a complete lack of understanding of medical professionals?

We believe in providing world class service to our clients and have a specific focus for the types of transactions we can help with. This allows us to be masters of our craft rather than “jack of all trades – master of none”. However, due to the amount of work and liability in this category of mortgage financing we will not work with real estate investors on a transaction only basis – we are not interested in taking on clients who only wish to use our team as a “one off”.

After studying with bright people for years and having so many intelligent colleagues, we believe you deserve to work with mortgage professionals who spent nearly as long studying finance and wealth strategies as you spent learning your profession. We fully understand the complex nature of billing, medical corporations, holding corporations, and we have hundreds of satisfied physician clients who have benefited immensely from dealing with our team. Whether you’re a highly specialized surgeon, a sole practitioner, or the lead physician for a mega billing medical group – we have seen and served your colleagues before.

Mortgages for doctors and other medical professionals are simple to plan effectively when you have a full financial planning background and formal business school training, but advanced estate planning simply isn’t covered by bank mortgage rep training programs and isn’t a part of any provincial or national licensing for mortgage professionals.

Mortgages for doctors and medical professionals have a lot of different estate planning parts that are simply beyond the scope of what 99% of mortgage professionals today fully understand. Medical professionals are very likely some of the brightest professionals who serve Canadian society today. We know that getting into medical school is no small achievement and that to complete your education takes lots of hard work, a strong commitment, and incredible tenacity.

Despite often incurring large sums of student debt – once you are on the other side of the education hurdle, you likely have the most consistent demand for your services that any professional has in this country today. The facts are simple – an aging population means growing medical services demand and the limited number of medical school graduates means a finite supply. The end result is that you have an all but guaranteed multiple six-figure income for life (if you choose).

You have already paid your dues earning your credibility. We understand your pain – you’re time crunched and hungry for information, but we also understand your incredible opportunity – you’ve got the smarts and resources to be able to apply advanced financial planning designed to monetize your extensive investment in your education.

Now let’s apply our financial smarts to your initial planning and get your wealth plan set up for long term success. Like good health, the best way to ensure strong financial well being is to start early and work with well trained and committed experts to keep you on track.

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