Victory Lap Retirement – A tribute to the new retirement model

I recently took the time to sit down and enjoy my second Jonathan Chevreau book, “The Victory Lap Retirement” which addresses a topic covered in my own book “The Real Estate Retirement Plan” in a different way. Both books address the topic of retirement in different but very complementary fashion. The underlying problem is the same – people are living longer and require a larger asset base to support a longer retirement period. Since we can no longer count on underfunded government pensions and defined benefit pension plans, many Canadians face a gap in reaching their retirement goals.

The typical retirement model is flawed and poses a problem for most Canadians. Solutions are needed and conventional wisdom says better savings discipline and investment performance is likely key. The Real Estate Retirement Plan dives deeper into the concept of borrowing to invest as a way of fast tracking net worth and retirement portfolios of Canadians. Combine this with the premise of The Victory Lap Retirement and we’ve got an extremely viable solution to the common retirement crisis facing so many Canadians.

The idea of black or white retirement is challenging based on current financial realities, but isn’t necessarily the be-all-end-all goal. Instead of working until the point that you can never work again, why not work until the point that you never have to do work you don’t enjoy again? Jon points out that we are not only living longer, but also able to perform at a high functioning level at a much later age. I don’t know about you, but without being actively engaged in some type of business pursuit I wouldn’t know what to do with myself… simply put I wouldn’t be happy. This book does a great job for proactively addressing what we do with our overpowered and well trained minds when the traditional corporate roles stops but our need for human challenge continues.

Studies show people are happiest when they have a sense of purpose – something many people get from their jobs and serving others. Retirees often find themselves bored and lose touch with the sense of purpose that their work gave them. Instead of quitting the workforce completely, what if the goal was to transition to doing the type of work you like best? In many cases this still allows for a decent income and greater sense of purpose.

The Victory Lap Retirement concept can be achieved sooner than traditional retirement because it involves earning some income. If you have dormant equity in your home that you could borrow to invest, you may be able to “retire” a whole lot sooner than you previously thought. This book is an entertaining and enjoyable read, and I encourage you to pick up a copy. Remember… we must change our thinking to change our results.

I encourage you to get a copy of The Victory Lap Retirement today and enjoy the read!

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